About Us

Glass Shop Design
Glass shop design is a leading manufacturer and distributor of glass and mirrors. Since 1999, we have been setting new standards and providing top-quality glass, mirror and tempered products to both residential and commercial clients. Our products are a true reflection of our craftsmanship and service, and always meet your expectations. At Glass shop and mirror , our products include custom-made mirrors, all-glass entrances, frameless shower enclosures, laminated glass, custom tempered glass, glass doors and windows, etc. We recognize that all our customers have unique needs, and we manufacture tailored products in accordance to our customers’ specifications. We also offer top-notch glass and window installation, repair, maintenance, and cleaning services. Our expert crew at Glass and mirror is skilled at glass and mirror crafting and have years of valuable experience. We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality products and the finest services. Our customer service is unparalleled and we follow the highest standards in terms of technique and quality in order to guarantee the best to you.